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Barlow Family General Tour Tickets (LINK)

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Hey! Lou is hitting the road this summer for lots of fun, intimate early evening solo shows. He’s bringing along Adelle and their daughter Izzy to join the good times and to help with the merch! The family will be available for dinners as well for a couple of the nights, check individual show info. Show times are either 7 or 7:30 depending on the location. The exact address is emailed to you when you purchase a ticket. We look forward to seeing you! Come with your song requests as Lou loves to do as many requests as possible. Follow the link that brings you to Eventbrite where you purchase the tickets.  The price here on the Shopify store says $0 (the real ticket cost ranges from $30 to $100) because you are not actually purchasing the tickets thru the store, so DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO YOUR CART, merely use this as a link to buy your tickets on eventbrite, again follow this link!!