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Handwritten Personalized Lyrics

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  I, Lou, will write, by hand, to the best of my ability, the lyrics to -any- song I've written (this includes lots of Folk Implosion, several Dinosaur Jr and, of course, my Sebadoh songs) on a 11"x15" piece of high-quality (140 lb) watercolor paper (orders to Australia must be sent flat and therefore will be done on 8"x11" paper). I will dedicate it to whomever you wish!  #1 Purchase this item #2 send an email to name the song and details you'd like me to include (i.e. do you want me to put hearts all over it? do you want lots of colors? etc.)  If you have questions before purchasing, like: would I write out something other than a lyric (any kind of illustrated note, congratulations, happy birthday etc.) drop me a message and we can discuss. I'm very flexible.  Please note that lyric orders can take a few weeks to deliver depending on how busy I am, feel free to email me as much as you like to figure out the delivery date. (Photos are examples)