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Barlow Family General Store

Skull Lyric Tee

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Skull lyric-tee
The first lyric tee in a series of shirts featuring some of my most-requested handwritten lyric art. The Barlow Family General Store logo appears on the back. Printed at home to order, all sizes available on 100% super-soft poly.****please note!! these are not pre made!please be patient, this is not done with urgency, just during our kids school day. Thank you for your understanding!******

>>>>>These shirts are POLYESTER not cotton, they are semi-see-through. IT’S FINE! you know you love it! You can wash and dry the crap outta them and they will not shrink and stuff, easy easy. 

*the shirts run SMALL**

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS BEWARE!!! your country may require an extra customs fee and hold your shirt hostage until you pay it! This is completely beyond our control and random.  Germany and the U.K. are the worst with this!